Posted by Jackie Scott on May 15, 2017
This year we had six organizations request our grant.
The Service Committee received six proposals this year. The committee met on April 20th to make a decision.
The Flint Institute of Music asked for $5,000 for their Head Start Music Program. The entire program spans 20 weeks and serves 56 classrooms in Flint, Beecher, and surrounding districts for five week increments. The students will be approximately four years of age. The program will be working the the GISD. Our members are invited to volunteer in the classrooms.
Durant Turri Mott Community Education Department requested $5,000 to purchase bike racks to secure student's bikes while they attend after school programs. Quota members are invited to volunteer in the after school programs.
The Flint Institute of Music requested $5,000 for theirLearning Through Theater Program. This is the same program we supported this year. We Quotarians supplied ushers for the plays.
Bog Brothers, Big Sisters requested $3,500 to pay for 100 mentees' expenditures instead of them having to pay on their own for various activities. Some mentors cannot afford to spend their own money taking the mentees to various places. There was no mention for us to volunteer.
Maria Miller requested money to help place her clients from Hope Network, a Christian organization, in hotel rooms. She mentioned that they also need bus passes to go to doctor appointments.  No mention of hands on volunteering for us.
Torrey Hill Intermediate School requested $2,500 to purchase gifts for a program that they offer to students. The program is called PRIDE. P is for Positive, R is for Respectful, I is for Independent, D is for Dependable, and E is for Engaged. Students are given tickets when they display these characteristics. Quota members will be invited to help pass out prizes for the winners in drawings. The more tickets you have, the better the chance of winning. Torry Hill is the school where we have a plaque thanking us for sound field systems. It is located by the main office.
The committee decided to choose the Head Start Music Program with the FIM. Most of the children in this program are at risk due to financial instability and the water situation. It has been proven that music helps in the learning process. It might be kind of fun to volunteer teaching the children to dance and sing too.