Each month the president of Quota sends out a message to the members. This one is Shelly's July letter.
Dear Quotarians,
Summer has so beautifully made its way to Michigan. It's a time when our Quota activities wind down for a bit, but our lives are, seemingly, filled with all sorts of distractions.
We did have one last shindig before our summer recess hit. Approximately 20 Quotarians and guests trekked to 50 Sips in Fenton for our Mystery Dinner (I was so excited to finally find out where it was). The evening was expertly arranged by Lucille Bigelow all while dealing with the aftermath of Ron's horrific bee attack, planning for a vacation that actually kept her away from us the night of the event, and thwarting my efforts to get her to slip and tell us where we were going. She smartly, though, passed on the last-minute logistics to Jackie Scott who handled them aplomb ( and was able to eschew my attempts to learn the mystery location). We have Lucille and Jackie to thank for the evening's festivities, which included some surprise entertainment featuring some of our Quotarian's favorite barnyard animals. . . including chickens.
It turns out, though, that summer is actually a very busy time for your Quota President. ( Why didn't anyone tell me this???!!!) Soon your Board will meet to make plans for the new year. Barbara Rumbel is bringing together the Fifth Wheels for a meeting where I hope to capitalize on their years of experience to inform me of the work to be done. And, I still have committee assignments to make ( I hope when I call you will say  ("Yes!")
The good work doesn't stop for many more of our members. Jackie Scott still prepares and sends out this ebulletin each month. Holiday parties are held for the local shelter residents. Ann Beagle still counts our money and pays our bills. Susan Schneberger still brings together our Audit Committee. I suspect there's much more that I just don't yet know about. In fact, so much happens I'm beginning to think I was not provided with the entire truth of the matter.
Nonetheless, it is a pleasure to be part of Quota, and it is an honor to serve you. As you go about your summer days, enjoying barbeques, family, vacations, gardening, golfing, sipping mimosas by the pool, or whatever it is you do to fill the long days, I hope you take a moment to remember and be proud of all the great work you do on behalf of Quota, our community, and those who benefit from our service.