The following members have been assigned to chair the various committees. Ann Beagle will chair the Finance Committee which is responsible for the oversight of the club's finances. Kathy Holt is the new chairperson for Membership. This committee is responsible for the recruitment and orientation of new members. Pam Nelson will oversee the Ways and Means Committee which is responsible for oversight of fundraising. Jackie Scott and Carolyn Boegner will co-chair the Service Committee. This committee makes recommendations for the service projects that we support.
Chair Ann Beagle
Sherry Murphy
Susan Schneberger
Chair Kathy Holt
Jeanne Clark
Renee Keswick
Maria Miller
Cathy Moore
Barbara Rumbel
Ways and Means:
Chair Pam Nelson
Barb Horsha - Chicken Dinner Chair
Carolyn Stubbs - Luncheon/Auction Chair
Lucille Bigelow
Connie Rau
Kim Whitehead
Chair Jackie Scott/Carolyn Boegner
Deb Cherry
Joy Cramer
Peggy Hale
Karen Palomares
Ramona Sain
Carol Sipley
Gail Stimson